Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Monday, September 29, 2014

Dearly Departed Drawings ~ Neil {day 272}

Working on darkening tones today.  Both Neil and Ben's faces are nearly finished.   I love the glide of a pencil across paper.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Dearly Departed Drawings ~ Neil {day 271}

Drawing.  Not a lot of time to draw today, but I did work more on Ben's shirt, face and hair.  Hoping to be afforded more time to work soon. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Dearly Departed Drawings ~ Neil {day 265}

Working on Ben today.  I still see slight corrections I need to make to his face, but I am satisfied with Neils face.  Feeling really good about my progress.  Glad I started over.  I knew I had too.  What does not resonate with me must go.  In all aspects of my life. 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Aura Photo

I was at the MUM Expo today and was told you can get a photo of your aura taken.  Finding auras pretty intriguing of course I was interested.  Other religions, beliefs, spirituality and beyond totally interest me and I love finding out about all these other "worlds", religions and what have you.

But firstly, what is an aura you ask?  Scientifically speaking it is a concrete, existing energy field that surround living creatures. The Aura is formed by subtle color radiances which surround the body of a human being.  Each color signifies a certain vibration which has different meanings.  The human being is a complex organism, full of emotion, intelligence and spirit, and these qualities are reflected in his or her energy field, or Aura. One's Aura can change from time to time, as a result of ones own experiences and views on life. However, the overall aura can remain the same, or can be subject to major changes. (definitions found on the original Aura Photograpy website)

So how can you possibly take a photo of that, must be your second question.  The equipment uses Biofeedback.  Using a hand sensor, a person would put their left (or right) hand onto the hand sensors. This measures the standardized biofeedback parameter. The hand sensor itself has various contact points on them; these are connected with certain organs of the body, as well as measure the electromagnetic field of the user and can thus deliver information about the energetic and auric qualities of that person. The hand sensor can also measure deviations in temperature, humidity and static electricity in the environment and the person, allowing for greater precision in data gathering. These data parameters are then projected as a radiant, colored aura field around the body on either a Polaroid photo or onto a computer or television screen. In no time thereafter, a brilliant color photo or computer print out can be presented.

In short, these kinds of biofeedback probes can pick up your spiritual energy. The camera or video device can then display this information as a colorful field around your body. The colors actually reflect your spiritual and auric state.

My Aura Photo

I was told that because my aura "cones" at the top, rather than normally "rounded"  that I am greatly connected to the spiritual world and a very spiritual person.  At this point she asked me what I am doing that would explain this.  So I started telling her about my Dear Departed Drawings  as a possible explanation and she was in awe.  (so strange to have so many different "spiritualists" in awe of my work)  I then proceeded to show her my blog and again she was in awe again.  She proceeded to tell me I am on my life's path and am a healer.  I am also balanced and very grounded. (Not the first time I've heard these descriptions)

Then she held my photo in front of the ceiling lights (just regular lights).  And this happened.

Spirits in my aura!

Then she starts pointing out all these faces in my aura!!  I have lots of faces in my aura photo, spirit guides, passed on loved ones, etc.  She explained that when a person has a photo of their aura taken, its like a family photo where everyone tries to crowd in to get their picture taken. So click on the photo just above and step back - you will see them too!!  Very interesting stuff!

Then we discussed my chakra photo.

Chakra photo

First thing she asked me was if I was tired.  YES.  I have been super busy these last few weeks.  Preparing for Weeusables Consignment Event, the beginning of MOPS and trying to complete normal daily tasks such as taking care of the house and children.  Never mind pursuing my own ambitions! HA!  No really, just not getting enough sleep and very busy.  She gave me a few prayers and meditation ideas to say and do at night before sleep to help my body rest.  Then she proceeded to tell me that even though my chakras are tired and small that my overall state of my aura is very healthy and bright! She also mentioned there is a "crossover" in my chakras. You can see in my Solar Plexus Chakra (the fifth one down from the very top) it is diamond shaped.  I did not fully understand what her description/opinion was of this and unfortunately do not remember her exact words.  But she said it is very rare and from what I remember is somehow related to spirituality.  I have been searching and scouring the internet for an explanation but have not yet found anything.  Any one elses input would be welcome.  We discussed a few other things and I discovered she is also a spiritualist.  There was another booth at the Expo offering aura photos for a lesser price but not really any insight.  When I approached the very crowed booth to inspect further I didn't feel as connected as I did to this booth.  So glad I made the decision I did.

I also ran into the beautiful soul from The Moon + Stones Healing that provided me with a free tarot card pull online!! 

If you are interested in the woman that provided me with the explanation of my aura and chakra photo (her husband actually was the one taking them), her website is here.

In reviewing my photos here I happened to notice the reflection of light in the background of my aura photo forms a cross on the left side of the photo.  Interesting and curious to say the least.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Dearly Departed Drawings ~ Neil {day 263}

Feeling really good about Neils face.  Hoping his relatives feel the same way about it.  Still have work to do on Bens face.  Shirts, pants, background - still left to go. 

Thinking a LOT about our friends, specifically Hank (Neil and Bens mother).  Really missing her.  Been a few months since we have made the trip up north.  I am dreaming of the day when they are an hour and a half away.  I am really feeling blessed with our group of friends.  They are my husbands childhood friends but have treated me like I belonged from day one.  They have no idea how much that means to me.  To have strangers accept you into their tribe immediately.  They are friends for life.  Recently we lost a few near and dear to us.  Houd, Joel and my friend Lindsay.  Sorry we didn't get up there in time to really spend some time with them.  We love you all.  And miss you so much.  You mean the WORLD to us.  Really.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Dearly Departed Drawings ~ Neil {day 262}

Still working.  Still taking my time on layering darker tones, not wanting to rush things.  Slowly making progress.  Not going to fuzz my paper out this time.  Sorry if it seems agonizingly snail paced.  I know I promised out more drawings and complete them I will.  Maybe this started out as 356 days of drawing, but it has morphed into much more than that.  I look forward to each one of my subjects and will draw every last one.  I will take my time and love, enjoy the moments spent with each one.  All drawings have their own story. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Art Reading

Today was an amazing experience!  I love art, especially OTHER peoples art!!!  So when I heard there was a woman giving art reading - I was all in!

Beverly validated everything happening in my life right now.  She showed me so many things and asked me NO questions!  Just pointed out to me people, animals and other things in the art she created for me and told me the meanings.  Rather than painting me a picture she blended paints which created the most wonderful art.  Knowing I am on my path that has been set out for me by God and the universe - she was able to validate and confirm as others have done before her.  It's nice to know my passions (drawing portraits and tie dye) are my lifes purpose as are relationships with others confirmed.  Sometimes you get lost and don't know where to start or what path to take.  I have always been inclined to follow my intuition or instincts for as long as I can remember.  While I didn't always follow my "gut", I found that later I should have listened better.

I love creating love and happiness for others through my drawings.  While some may find it morbid or inappropriate, I find it hard to believe that we all aren't missing a passed on loved one.  What better way to remember them than to have a hand drawn portrait stuffed with positivity, love, tears and joy.  Below is a photo of my art reading.  It has two sides, a present and future.

In the present, Beverly showed me my protector - the wolf, its huge and very hard to miss.  Also pointed out was a man and woman facing each other.  An aviator hat at the top (my brother is a pilot).  An army man wearing his hat (my grandfather) just to name a few.

In the future, Beverly pointed out the owl at the top with its wings spread wide - meaning I am a healer and will continue to expand on this as time passes.  At the bottom she pointed out a basket as used in hot air ballooning (again my brother).  A man kneeling with this head bowed filling up most of the page - a guide of sorts.  Also a heart in the center to signify I have a huge heart - giving, helping, doing for others, just to name a few things.

When I brought it home my husband picked out MANY of the things without me showing him any.  He also pointed out quite a few other things.  I feel so blessed to have met her as she is from Michigan and only comes out here once a year to do readings.  After my reading we discussed my drawings for awhile and I validated her findings in my art reading.  She was so impressed with my reading she wanted to add it to her online gallery.  I am honored.  Thank you Beverly for filling my day with love, light and confirmation I am on my life's path.  And a special thank you to my mother, who through me is experiencing all kinds of things and without her I would not be able to attend all these wonderful experiences.

You can find Beverly's website here and view her gallery, as well as find out more about her.

Below is an interview with Beverly where she explains her methods.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Dearly Departed Drawings ~ Neil {day 260}

I worked on the boys faces and time was limited today and I see corrections to the facial features of both boys that need to be made.  Since my eraser/fuzzy paper fiasco I am trying to ease into darker tones.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Dearly Departed Drawings ~ Neil {day 256}

Double timing it.  Not too shabby for day 2 since I started over. 

Dearly Departed Drawings ~ Neil {day 255 BONUS!}

Trying to get basic outlines and shadows laid out.  The sooner I get the pencil on the paper, the sooner I can remove the grid and get down to serious business.  I do use a grid when starting out to ensure the details are most accurate.  I draw square by square to keep everything proportional.  Grids are also very fun to use when you want to distort an image as well!  I remember distorting the album art of a U2 album.  Fun fun!

I felt the pull to draw last night.  So strong it could not be ignored.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Dearly Departed Drawings ~ Neil {day 255}

I can explain.  I promise.

You see, there's this thing.......sometimes when I cross an item off my list - I have to write a new list.  So, yeah.  That is where I'm at.  The boys weren't looking just right, then I erased.  And erased again.  And again.  Now the paper is fuzzy.  You probably can't see it.  But I can.  So I have a touch of OCD.  I admit it.  I'm starting over.  Did I pour over the stripes?  Yes.  Did I carefully shade and was headed in the direction of completeness?  Yes.  But I will think about how I can see those fuzzies for the rest of my life.  I am starting over.  Honestly, I am surprised it didn't happen before this portrait.  It will be perfect.  I will accept no less than exactly how I want it.  So there.  Onward and upwards from here.

On a side note, I am so happy for good news.  Recently we got some.  My husband just landed a job as a brewer with Samuel Adams!  We are over the moon!  This job opportunity will allow us to move further north, closer to our dear friends.  We are looking forward to the new start we were given.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Dearly Departed Drawings ~ Neil {day 252}

Getting back to it today.  Still have a long way to go, but getting it done.  I figure in time for Poppa's (the next portrait drawing subject) birthday in October.  Funny how things have a way of working out just right.  Nearly every portrait I've done this year has coincided with a birth, death or other significant date.

Today I happened across The Moon + Stone Healing Facebook page and the owner was offering to pull a tarot card for the first 10 responders.  I was one of them!  Here is the result :

Amanda Johnson, you pulled the Two of Swords, perhaps my favorite card in the Tarot deck. The Two shows a woman in nightclothes sitting at the edge of water. The moon just overhead. her arms are crossed over her heart, and she is blindfolded. She holds two large swords in her hand. Firstly, I am just going to say that this card is highly intuitive and psychic. We are talking dream work, gut feelings, intuition. This card often comes when we are being told one thing, and we feel deeply, it is not the truth. They often say seeing is believing, but this card is different. It asks you to tap into your intuitive abilities and begin to trust yourself It is okay to close your heart for the time begin until you are ready to either lay down your arms, or fight. So right now, it would behoove you to begin dream journaling, meditation, and any kind of psychic work that resonates with you. Ask your questions and allow the symbols you encounter all day to be your answer. Remember that you are absolutely able to take off that blindfold, in fact, you put it on for a very good reason. The people telling you the lies look great. But listen to what they are saying or not saying and you will be fine.

After reading that I decided today was the day to get back on track with drawing.  A lot of things have been swirling around our home lately and finally have reached a happy conclusion.  Now we can get back to the grind.  The last thing I want to incorporate into my drawings is my own anxiety, fears and sadness so I waited.  The wait is over.  Thank you for all your prayers and support.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Dearly Departed Drawings ~ Neil {day 245}

Still adjusting shadows and tones on the boys faces.  Worked on the striped shirt today.  Today I am reminded of a story I heard many years ago about another little boy.  His portrait is in the works for the future.  I am also reminded of my first dear departed drawing.... on day seven

My insecurities on publicly showing my artwork before it is completed is also renewed today.  I forget how many people are seeing my in progress work.....shudder.  And then I remember - I do it for you.  And for me.

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